Community Cooks Collective (CCC) hosts a weekly event series organizing the cooking, collection, and delivery of bulk home-cooked meals to local shelters supporting people in Tiotià:ke / Montreal experiencing food insecurity.


CCC is a solidarity organization that addresses the issue of food insecurity in Tiohtià:ke / Montréal.

We coordinate the weekly cooking, collection, and delivery of meals; cultivating a line of connection that runs from, and between, the kitchens of our participants’ homes to The Open Door and Resilience Montreal.


We are here because we collectively harbour an excess of resources (time, energy, imagination, money) to invest in our community.

 As we individually move along a spectrum of increasing and decreasing positions of security throughout our lives, we keep in mind that the safety net of community benefits us all, and that those who find themselves deficient in these resources are crucial and valued members of this larger community. “They” are us and we are “them”; we are all part of the same ecosystem that comprises this community, and the privilege of these resources can be fleeting.

Join us!

We provide the recipe, ingredients, and weekly (virtual) cooking space. You provide your time and smiles.


1. Our cooks happen nearly every weekend! To sign up, fill out our Google form before Saturday at 9am to let us know what you need for the week. Link can be found in the Facebook event and on our Discord channel.

2. We will contact you on Discord (or your preferred communication method) with a scheduled pick-up time for the week’s ingredients. Pick-ups will be some time on Saturday afternoon.

3. Cook from the comfort of your own kitchen at ANY TIME on Sunday, and/or optionally join us for a communal cook on Zoom at 7pm. We’ll be catching up, having a chat, and listening to a podcast together.

4. To ensure your meals reach the shelters, you can drop off your prepared meal on Monday morning before 9:30am at our drop off point. Alternatively, you can have your meal picked up from you on Monday morning by a courier/driver.

Get involved in our organizing team!

Have you been cooking with us for some time and want to get more involved, or just started and love what we do? Well…why not join the CCC organizing team!

We’re always looking to grow our capacity as a team with some new organizing members. Our organizing team is dedicated to all the behind the scenes tasks that enable our weekly cooks to run smoothly, like getting groceries, making those cute social media graphics, and of course managing.

If this interests you or you’d like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our organizing team meets every Tuesday at 7:30 over Zoom (though it’s all good if you can’t make it every time!) to plan that week’s cook. If you’d like an introduction on what the organizing team is like these meetings are a great time to attend.

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